In 2018, vote RICH WHITNEY FOR JACKSON COUNTY BOARD! (District 4)                 

Why I am running:

County government provides many vital services – ambulance, animal control, emergency management, hazardous waste collection and recycling, the criminal justice system, public health and transportation services, and more. We are the last line of defense in protecting our air, water and land. I want to help bring a fresh approach to maintaining and improving county services and improving economic opportunities, while protecting the interests of working-class taxpayers.

Who is Rich Whitney:

Rich Whitney is a public defender in more ways than one. As an attorney, he is an appellate defender, representing people in criminal appeals who cannot afford their own attorney. A longtime resident of Jackson County, he also:

  • Serves on the Board for the Jackson County Mass Transit District.
  • Is a longtime peace, social justice and environmental activist, serving on the steering committee of Southern Illinoisans Against Fracturing our Environment and the Illinois Coalition Against Fracking.
  • Supports the LaSalle Street Tax Campaign, Illinois Single-Payer Coalition, and other organizations fighting for social progress.
  • Is a member of the Industrial Workers of the World labor union.
  • Is a volunteer commentator and disc jockey at community radio for Southern Illinois, WDBX, 91.1 FM and occasional actor with The Stage Company in Carbondale.
  • Is a democratic socialist, working to create a society in which workers will enjoy the full fruits of their labor, full access to health care and quality education, and full economic and political democracy. You can find some of his political and social commentary at his blog-spot on medium.com.

Why you should vote for Rich:

  • We must protect our water quality, air quality and quality of life. The threat of fracking and permitting of a large-scale chicken feedlot operation near Cedar Lake – where Carbondale gets its drinking water – shows that our state government often fails to adequately protect public and environmental health. Rich will fight to empower our County government to do what needs to be done.
  • Southern Illinois is an agricultural powerhouse. Our county should support farmers who make the switch to organic, non-GMO farming and produce for local and regional markets. With industrial hemp about to become legal, Southern Illinois is in a prime location to benefit. Rich supports the creation of new worker-owned cooperatives to process hemp and manufacture hemp products – food, clothing, construction materials and more.
  • We can create good jobs and new revenue by protecting our environment. For example, many electronic devices and appliances cannot currently be recycled. The County should create a program employing workers to repair and refurbish computers and other electronic devices for reuse instead of letting them go into landfills -- then sell them at prices affordable to low-income persons. Another example: Disposable plastic bags, bottles, straws, etc., are a huge environmental problem, killing marine life and contributing to climate catastrophe. Some of these items should be banned; others could be taxed to create new revenue and fund expanded plastic recycling.
  • To keep property taxes down, we should look for new ways to fund government. One option is public banking – see The Public Banking Institute for more information.
  • Green Party candidates do not accept corporate money – we can’t be bought!

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